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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Starbucks vs McDonalds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Starbucks vs McDonalds comparison infographic. Ray Kroc and Howard Schultz origins, original locations, number of locations and more. Starbucks vs McDonalds Infographic Below: Source: MindOfMiller.com

The Confounding USD

Markets work to surprise the majority of people, the majority of the time. This is because the average of everybody’s expectations is already embedded...

Why Your Customers Are Leaving – And How To Win Them Back [Chart]

The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. One of the most important questions facing a business of any size...

Higher Education – Student Loans, Tuition Soars [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bubble in Higher Education: When Will It Pop? The soaring bull market in higher education has been flying high for some time. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Just How Narrow is This Market? Two Visualizations

Most stocks are down since the global equity markets peaked on 5/21/2015 (this goes without saying) and most stocks are down a lot. This...
Win An Argument According To Science

How To Win An Argument According To Science [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’ve gotten into a rift with your significant other or your parents, having a few tools up the sleeve comes in handy. Many...

Profits in the Emerald of the Equator?

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the country profile on Indonesia. ValueWalk readers can sign up for free but hurry...

This Map Shows World Diamond Trade

A widely accepted symbol of status and love, diamonds are very valuable and highly tradeable. While they can’t compare with oil or machinery imports,...

The United State’s 18 Trillion Dollar Debt [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the years, thanks to our recession and on-going wars in the middle east our country has accumulated trillions of dollars of debt. Today’s...
Rate Cap

8 In 10 Cardholders Support A Cap On Rates Proposed By Sanders-Cortez

In a rare case of broad, bipartisan support, a new survey from CompareCards.com found American credit cardholders on both sides of the aisle agree...
Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt To Overtake Mortgage Debt By 2042

Commentary from Jennifer McDermott, Consumer Advocate for finder.com: “With 44 million Americans currently living with student debt it’s quite concerning that the delinquency rate for...
Global Equity Market

Global Equity Market Outlook: Favor U.S. And EM

Key Takeaways 2017 was an excellent year for international equities, particularly EM. We favor the United States and EM equities for tactical global asset...

Rising demand for tail risk hedges

We hear a lot about the VIX and how volatility is low, but we rarely hear about the VIX's siblings: the CBOE SKEW Index and the...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Valentine’s Day: The Power Of Love And Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic breaks down the dollars behind Valentine’s Day romance: how much are people spending on flowers, candy, greeting cards and sparkly baubles? What...

New Survey Shows Nearly 3 Out of 4 Children Treated for ADHD Have Taken...

New Survey Shows Nearly 3 Out of 4 Children Treated for ADHD Have Taken a “Drug Holiday” National VAYA™ Pharma Survey Reveals Drug Holidays are...