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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Covid-19: How American Media Covered The Pandemic

When it came to taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, was the American media fast enough to act? Where there certain media publications that took...
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On-Site or Work Remotely: Which Is Better for Your Health?

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies around the world to transition their employees to remote work, the conversation has begun and the stigma has...
successful sectors in tech

The Top 10 Most Successful Sectors In Tech

The technology industry is by far the fastest growing in the world’s economy and shows no signs of slowing down. Research, new developments and...
Rise Of Chatbots IG

The Rise Of Chatbots [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may not be aware of this, but you have probably already communicated with a chatbot. You may have even heard about them recently...
Equity Business

UK business ranking revealed: The top 30 cities to start a business in!

A new report by Raisin reveals which city in the UK is the best to invest in when starting your own business. Over 670,000...

Virtual Summits And The Future Of In-Person Events

Why would anyone attend a virtual summit or conference? As it turns out, these are some of the most popular events of 2020. The...
10 Richest European Cities

The Top 10 Richest European Cities Now And In 2060 [Interactive]

New interactive tool visualizes how European cities wealth will change in the next 40 years Bucharest will be Europe’s RICHEST city by 2060 Luxembourg...
Remote Work home social distancing

What Is The Status Of Remote Work In The US Right Now?

The future of the American workplace is unclear. It has been estimated that on March 27 2020, 16 million “knowledge workers” began working from...
Valentine's Day index

The Valentine’s Day Index

The impact of economics on everyday life isn’t always clear, but the week ahead is different. Tuesday marks the fourth-busiest shopping holiday of the...
Remote Work

Finding Remote Work – Even Now

Working remotely as thousands of businesses across the country are closing down or shortening hours has boomed in popularity, but even before COVID-19 hit...

82 Percent Of Successful Amazon Sellers Have A Degree

Latona's have analysed a series of different data sets including the countries contributing the most to Amazon's annual net sales, the demographic split of...
employee pulse

How to get honest feedback on employee pulse surveys

How often do we hear individuals exude excitement when talking about employee pulse surveys?  In practice, these surveys should yield constructive and positive results,...
Bitcoin Covid 19

Bitcoin vs Covid-19: The Adventures During The Pandemic

When one thinks of Bitcoin in times like this, with the current Covid-19 pandemic still overflowing every news section, two things come to mind....
World of Languages

Infographic: A World Of Languages

Languages provide a window into culture and history. They’re also a unique way to map the world – not through landmasses or geopolitical borders,...
Gender Diversity And Equality

Gender Diversity And Equality In The Workplace

Gender diversity and equality in the workplace is a persistent issue in our country. However, pay disparities across genders are only one aspect of...