Carl Icahn: Why I’m Very Pleased With Apple; Calls For Bigger Buyback

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Carl and the heir to the IEP thrown, Brett, appeared on CNBC – Carl said he was pleased with apple, which makes sense since he is making a lot of money off of it, but he also discusses other topics. Readers can find the clips from CNBC below.

Icahn Enterprises chairman Carl Icahn thinks Apple’s Tim Cook has done a magnificent job but needs to do bigger buybacks. Icahn also says a short squeeze in the company is now occurring.

Carl Icahn: Apple should do bigger buyback

Icahn: Why I’m very pleased with Apple

Icahn Enterprises chairman Carl Icahn is very pleased with Apple’s quarter and says he will revise guidance. Brett Icahn, Sargon Portfolio, provides perspective.

Sargon’s Schechter: Revising Apple’s guidance

Given Apple’s strong performance in the last quarter, David Schechter, Sargon Portfolio, is currently revising model and could argue for a higher valuation.

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