CaptoGlove Gives Gamers A New Experience With Wireless Glove

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It’s a gaming glove that works with any PC game. You can also connect it to all major virtual reality (VR) headsets and mobile devices to use it as a wireless, wearable controller. CaptoGlove is packed with bend sensors, gyroscopes, magnetometers and other sensors to track the motion of your hand and fingers and convert them into movements in the game.

The controller has applications beyond gaming

Creators of CaptoGlove told ValueWalk that it has applications beyond gaming. The glove can be used in professional training, health rehabilitation, smartphone interactions, or to control drones. In fact, it was developed as a medical device by a guy in the Italian military to assist in the rehabilitation of his grandmother after a stroke. It communicates via Bluetooth.

The controller reminds one of Nintendo’s Power Glove that was launched in 1989, and discontinued in 1990. However, CaptoGlove is modern, more sophisticated, and has a far better design. It has as many as 20 commands for different activities like shooting and walking. The product is not yet available in the market. CaptoGlove plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign by mid-March, where the glove would be offered at $169. It is expected to go on sale in May at $250.

CaptoGlove does not require any special hardware

When playing the game, you have to move your hand just like you would in real life. You can use one or two gloves at the same time. It works with a variety of game genres including augmented reality, flight sims, and first-person shooters. Since the glove connects to devices over Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), it offers 8-10 hours of continuous gaming.

The textile used in the glove was developed by German sports equipment manufacturer Reusch. CaptoGlove does not require any special hardware such as external cameras or a special prepared area. It’s usable right out of the box. The wireless controller uses your natural hand movements as control gestures.

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