“Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Reviews Are In

“Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Reviews Are In

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was revealed on Monday, and after only a few hours, comparisons to the hit game Titanfall started pouring in. This time around, the complaints are similar to the ones we heard last year when gamers said Titanfall was essentially “Call of Duty with mechs,” reports Game Informer.

Call of Duty versus Titanfall

One of the biggest similarities in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the double jumps players can do when they’re wearing jet packs. They’re pretty similar to what players can do in Titanfall. The new game also includes the ability for players to cloak themselves or speed up their movement using Exo abilities, both elements of which are in Titanfall as well.

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Some also compare the supply drops in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to the burn cards handed out in Titanfall. However, Game Informer notes that many of the people who make these judgments haven’t even played the game themselves. Instead, they’re just viewing the trailers and making the calls.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “a completely different experience”

The website states that those who actually play the new game will see “a completely different experience” from what Titanfall offers. Of course it’s natural that they share some similarities since the founders of Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella, created the Call of Duty franchise. Then they co-founded Respawn Entertainment, the maker of Titanfall.

Game Informer says that the double jump does indeed seem similar, although Titanfall‘s seems faster. The website also notes that the cloaking, Exo, and other abilities are in games that came out before both of them. They also say that the execution of both games is different, arguing that the burn cards are different than the reinforcements because of how they are used and how they appear in the game.

They say these differences might seem like minor ones but say that they make a big difference in the games.

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