BrickFix Could Prevent iMessage Bug From Crashing Your iPhone

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Google’s Project Zero dropped a bomb in the tech world yesterday, when it exposed the details of an iMessage bug that presents serious security risks to iPhone users. While Apple has already patched the bug in iOS 12.1.3, those who prefer to use older version of the OS (ie. the jailbreak community) were left without a fix. Now, thanks to BrickFix, that problem may be solved.

BrickFix vs iMessage Bug

The iMessage bug is not really a threat to Mac users. However, according to Piunika Web, the iPhone and iPad are at a very high risk of being locked into a permanent loop by the bug. Once it takes effect, the bug will force the device into an infinite loop of booting and crashing. The exploit triggers the boot loop within the springboard, or home screen, of the device, making it virtually useless. This is where BrickFix comes in.

BrickFix was created by a popular tweaker named Tommy Muir. It can be downloaded for free from Packix. The code is opensource and can be accessed from the Github repo, which gives knowledgeable users the ability to review it before installing on their device. The iMessage bug is a serious threat to jailbroken devices, which makes BrickFix a very important tweak to the community. It will prevent the phone from being sent into the infinite boot loop cycle, making it possible for you to continue using the device.

[Release] BrickFix – Fix for iMessage bug that can brick your iPhone from r/jailbreak

iOS 13 & iPhone 11

iOS 13 is coming very soon. The iMessage bug will not be an issue on the new OS, as it was patched in iOS 12.1.3. However, BrickFix might still be a useful tool to keep around in case another similar exploit is developed on the new OS. The OS is already in beta testing and is expected to launch to the public later this fall. The new update includes a lot more eye candy that iOS 12. The new features include Dark Mode, updates to the messaging app, and other improved features. iOS 12 was focused on solving problems and making the OS more user friendly, while iOS 13 seems focused on making it much more attractive.

The iPhone 11 will be coming this fall as well, and fans can’t wait to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation. Since it will launch with iOS 13 installed, the iMessage bug and BrickFix will likely be moot points for consumers. However, like every other device in Apple’s history, exploits will be developed to take advantage of the smallest crack in security. So, users should be keeping tabs on anything that is reported as a possible risk to their data.

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