Bologna Blast Send Fireball Into Italy Sky

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An explosion on the highway near the Bologna airport in Northern Italy has left three dead and at least 70 injured. The Bologna blast has also caused a bridge to partially collapse.

What Caused the Bologna Blast?

The explosion in Bologna, Italy was caused by a collision involving a truck carrying flammable substances. The truck exploded on impact, sending a massive fireball into the air, captured on film by those in surrounding cars and apartment buildings. The area of the bridge where the initial explosion occurred has now collapsed.

The massive explosion caused glass in nearby buildings to shatter, injuring dozens of people. Of the 70 injured, 14 are said to be in serious condition, many with severe burns.

Two police officers who were directed road traffic from a previous traffic incident were caught in the blast.

Police Response in Bologna, Italy

Police have closed down the highway and surrounding area, “Due to an accident on the Autostrada, there was an explosion resulting in a fire at Via Marco Emilio Lepido.

“Impaired circulation, not only on the highway, but also in the area of Borgo Panigale.”

The fire department is at the scene attempting to contain the flames, while ambulances are transporting the injured. Locals report that a thick black smoke has swept over the surrounding areas.

The Bologna airport also responded to the situation tweeting, “Huge explosion on the Bologna motorway, Bologna airport is not involved, flights are running regularly.”

A Peugeot dealership sits just below the highway where the Bologna blast took blast. Videos on social media show vehicles in the dealership parking lot damaged and catching fire. Reports claim some of the vehicles below exploded as well.

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