Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Hero, And It’s A Healer

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Blizzard continues to add new content to its first-person shooter game Overwatch, and now there is a huge reason to rejoice. The game developer has revealed a new Overwatch hero after teasing it briefly last week. The hero was previewed in a YouTube video, and aside from a brief story and a glimpse of his appearance, Blizzard only says that he’s “coming soon.”

Blizzard typically reveals a new Overwatch hero every five to six months. The last hero the company introduced to the game is Ashe, a notorious and ambitious criminal and the leader of the Deadlock Gang. She landed in the game in November 2018. We now expect Blizzard‘s next Overwatch hero to be added to the game around April.

Overwatch’s new hero is called Baptiste, and he’s a Haitian combat medic, according to the reveal video. We can safely assume he’s joining the support/healing train with Brigitte, Mercy, Moira, Ana, Lucio and Zennyata. Nevertheless, he certainly has some fighting abilities as he can be seen carrying a large riffle with two triggers.

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In the video, he tells his story about a painful childhood in poverty, saying that now he fights for a better world.

“For some, that means a bandage. For others, a bullet,” the character states in the video.

What we learn from Baptiste’s story

His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, and he grew up among 30 million orphaned children living in poverty and starvation. His childhood was grea.tly affected by the Omnic Wars, which are mentioned often in the game. In Overwatch, omnics are robots with artificial intelligence, such as Zennyata or Orisa.

In order to survive, he learned to “steal or starve, kill or be killed.” He often reflects on his lack of choices, saying that stealing and killing were the only choices he had. His decisions were quick to take him to Talon, an organized crime syndicate which rivals Overwatch. However, the video also reveals that his view of the world changed and that he left the notorious organization to try to make the world a better place.

Last week Blizzard hinted that it would be adding a new hero soon through encoded message from Talon. Now that the hero and his story have been revealed, that message makes much more sense. Talon is obviously angered by his decision to leave and is likely to pursue him.

Blizzard hasn’t disclosed many other details or hinted at a release date for the hero. However, given that the rapid pace of new hero releases, it shouldn’t be too long before Overwatch’s new hero is available on the public test servers.

Until then, players are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the newly-released map, Paris. It’s an assault-style map and the first to debut after Busan. Moreover, Blizzard created an arcade mode only for Paris, so gamers can play it without waiting for the map to randomly pop up in Quick Play. Arcade also allows players to learn more about it, especially the locations of health packs.

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