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Blackstone, Evercore Are The Best-Paying Investment Banks

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Competition in the investment banking industry is fierce, with analysts and bankers constantly jockeying for positions at the top investment banks in the world. But which banks treat their employees better than others? In a recent survey The Blackstone Group won the prize for best employee compensation.

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Investment banks ranked by employees

Recently investment banking and finance community Wall Street Oasis surveyed employees of the world’s top investment banks. Last month, they released their ranking of which investment banks handle employee promotions the best.

This week, they’re set to post their rankings of how the world’s top investment banks stack up against each other in terms of compensation. They’re publishing the full list on their website tomorrow, but they gave ValueWalk am exclusive sneak peak at the list.

Which investment banks pay the most?

The employees who took part in the survey were responding to this question: “How is your pay compared to similar jobs elsewhere?” In order to come up with the ranking scores, the folks at Wall Street Oasis sorted and analyzed thousands of submissions users made to its database.

At the top of the list for employee compensation was The Blackstone Group with a score of 99.8. Evercore was close on the firm’s heals with a score of 99.5, while Harris Williams & Co. came in third place with a score of 98.9.

JPMorgan Chase was in fifth place with a score of 98.3, which some may find interesting in light of last year’s issue of employee suicides. In February 2014, as many as three of the investment bank’s employees took their own lives within three weeks. The third employee actually jumped from the roof of JPMorgan’s Asian headquarters in Hong Kong. He was reportedly under a lot of work-related stress, which certainly goes to show that being well-paid doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness. There is much more to life than money.

Interestingly, the other firms which ranked higher than JPMorgan on the compensation list don’t appear to have been linked with any reported employee suicides. In case you’re interested in the full list, we’ve included it below. Infographic is courtesy Wall Street Oasis.

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