BlackBerry Priv Owners Now get Access the Virtual Expert Tool

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BlackBerry has now made available a Virtual Expert tool for the Priv users. The tool, which can be downloaded for free, allow users to check the health of the battery and carry out several diagnostic tests on the display, camera, speakers and more.

Diagnostic tests now for Priv

On BlackBerry 10, the ‘Virtual Expert’ tool has been available since long, but until now it was missing on the Android-based Priv, which made its debut late last year. The tool has been ported to Android now, but the device owners will need to download it manually from the Google Play.

BlackBerry Priv owners will get access to valuable information regarding their device with the Virtual Expert. This information could be related to things like its model, software, and build numbers; health and statistics about its battery, information about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections, storage, network and more.

“Does your BlackBerry need a health assessment? Are you considering a repair? The BlackBerry Virtual Expert diagnostics application is a simple self-guided diagnostics app brought to you by BlackBerry,” reads the description of the tool on the Play Store.

Among all the uses, diagnostic tests are its best feature. The device owners can make use of these tests to verify that certain components of the device are working correctly or not. The Priv users can also test audio, camera, notifications, connectivity, UI and its sensors as well. For instance, if there is something wrong with the speaker, then using this tool a user can quickly identify if the problem is with the hardware or with a certain app.

How BlackBerry intends to make Priv secure?

Separately, the Priv will soon be updated to the latest Android OS build 6.0 Marshmallow. The Priv came pre-installed with 5.1 Lollipop rather than Marshmallow, and since then users have been eagerly waiting for the update. Ending the wait (sort of), BlackBerry’s President of Devices, Ron Louks recently said the company would announce the date for Marshmallow’s release before the end of the first-quarter.

The new Android version offers a new apps menu and other refinements. It also has a number of system improvements that include app-by-app battery optimization and native support for fingerprint scanners. BlackBerry intends to keep the Priv secure, and Marshmallow update coupled with regular security updates and hotfixes are an important part of the plan.

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