BlackBerry Claims Priv Is Popular Among Reddit Users

BlackBerry Claims Priv Is Popular Among Reddit Users
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BlackBerry in a recent blog post discussed the popularity of its latest smartphone – the Priv – among Reddit users. This action of BlackBerry puts to rest any doubts regarding the power of social bookmarking mega-site Reddit.

Reddit users love BlackBerry Priv

In the blog post, BlackBerry’s Nicholas C. Green said the Priv is receiving love from a lot of people.

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“People who’ve spent a bit of time with the device are taking to the web in droves to let everyone know what they think. Reddit’s no exception – see for yourself.”

Thereafter, BlackBerry listed a series of reviews from Reddit, including one from a user named bestaimee who expressed his delight, saying he is very happy with the device that he got just a week ago. The user pointed that DTEK helped him in knowing that his Yahoo Mail app had access to his photos and texts, and in just two days it accessed information on his phone over 1,700 times despite him not using the app for sending or receiving any emails in that duration.

Another user named aurizon praised BlackBerry’s famous physical keyboard. The person is in his 60s and finds it difficult to type on a touchscreen device without making any errors. The user said he tried the Priv, and it seemed good to him. At present, he is using a Nexus device, but in approximately two years’ time he may buy a BlackBerry device, provided it has “endured,” the user said.

Not all praise the Priv

There were negative reviews as well on Reddit. For example, user datarover recommended that readers not buy the device if they are looking for a device with the keyboard that was found in old BlackBerry devices. The user referred it is a “small cramped keyboard,” and criticized the device for poor build quality. The user said the company has been shipping it with build issues.

The BlackBerry Priv, which was launched earlier this month, has gotten mixed review from the press. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn believes the Priv’s premium pricing, software bugs and slow performance overshadow some of its better features such as improved camera and a great keyboard.

Mark Walton for Ars Technicha praised the device for its speaker, sharp display and attractive looks but said these features just do not justify its price point.

“This is (currently) not a very good phone,” Walton said.

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