BlackBerry Ltd Promotes Security After iCloud Incident

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A major portion of BlackBerry Ltd NASDAQ:BBRY TSE:BB’s current struggle can surely be attributed to Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL, and the Canadian company surely knows this. Therefore, the company enjoys every opportunity to mock the iPhone maker. The latest chance BlackBerry grabbed was the the hacking of celebrities’ nude photos on iCloud.

BlackBerry promotes anti-Apple tweets

The news offered the Canadian firm another opportunity to advertise its mobile security. BlackBerry mocked Apple by promoting several tweets from users that were targeted at Apple’s lack of security. On its Twitter account this week, the Waterloo company also promoted tweets that praised it for having the most secure platform.

For example, one BlackBerry fan who used the BlackBerry hashtag signs #BB4life and #teamblackberry said, “Security is key to business! Not concerned about MY photos!” On BlackBerry’s Twitter account, another fan wrote, “Sounds like Apple needs BlackBerry’s ECC patents,” adding “Best crypto according to the NSA.”

BlackBerry also promoted a fan-made advertisement that shows a picture of a QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry and a tagline saying, “When private photos need to remain private.” Despite the clarification from Apple that there was no breach at its end, BlackBerry fans can be proud about the security offered by the company’s platform.

Golden opportunity for BlackBerry

There is no doubt that the security and privacy offered by BlackBerry is almost unmatchable. Even in testing, the security was never compromised. The Canadian company continues to focus on customer data loss mitigation and at the same time winning government certifications and awards.

The ongoing concerns over security provoked by the Apple iCloud incident also provides an opportunity to the Canadian firm to rope in celebrities who will surely be disappointed with the iPhone maker after their nude photos found their way onto the web. The iCloud breach is surely a big blunder–big enough to create a dent in Apple’s reputation.

So taking advantage of the situation, BlackBerry should actively pitch itself to celebrities by offering its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Use of such marketing techniques is not new.  Beats by Dre garnered a massive market share using the same technique, says a report from N4BB.  It’s a golden opportunity for BlackBerry to get more users and publicity.

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