BlackBerry Ltd Passport Offers Unique Advantages

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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB)’s Passport smartphone has been in the news for its unusual design, matching the dimensions of an actual passport. The QWERTY keypad phone is said to be designed specifically for the enterprise. Responding to the wide discussions over the form factor of Passport, BlackBerry took its blog to provide the detailing behind the shape of the Passport.

Wide screen offers better viewing

The blog stated, “The Passport offers a unique 4.5” inch square screen with full HD capabilities.” It, also, read that the phone offers the same display size as in 5” inches display screen smartphone, but the picture quality is upgraded, and the screen is widened for better viewing experience.

The company explained that as per the academic typology the optimal number of characters on a line in a book is 66 characters. BlackBerry Passport will show 60 characters, which is closer to the standard compared to the current regular smartphones that show 40 characters. Passport has the size and aspect ratio to offer the standard characters on the screen, making it ideal for reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web. The blog read that the user will not have to worry about portrait or landscape modes.

BlackBerry Passport useful for professionals

Additionally, the relevance of Passport in various fields was, also, discussed in the post. It stated that for architects and mortgage brokers, Passport will allow the full designs and schematics and can handle the multiple files with utmost comfort. Likewise for those related to healthcare sector “picture being able to go through x-rays or medial documentation in the office with a patient, on a device that can maintain the necessary security standards for HIPAA compliance,” says the blog.

For finance professionals, they can navigate the virtual trading platform on their device. The screen is wide enough to show the real-time volatility in stocks facilitating decision making. For writers, the QWERTY keyboard is efficient and wide screen will offer better content creation and delivery. For now, the smartphones available in the market do not have a virtual keyboard stretched to full screen

Previously, Michael Clewley, Director of Software Product Management at BlackBerry posted on the company blogs about the specification. Although the post was pulled down for some unknown reason, a cached copy noted that the keyboard of the Passport will have excellent tactile feel and performance, and will bring the same capacitive touch technology on the modern phone and tablets.

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