BlackBerry Ltd CEO: Android KNOX Not Secure ‘Enough’

BlackBerry Ltd CEO: Android KNOX Not Secure ‘Enough’
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) CEO John Chen has taken a dig at Android’s Knox security asking business clients to carry on with Blackberry as the rival’s offering are not good enough. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), recently, announced to use Samsung’s KNOX system in Android. Though the news was appreciated by Chen, he feels the system is not at par with BlackBerry.

“While we applaud Google and Samsung for their plans, we don’t think it’s enough for security-minded enterprises. Instead, look to companies that have literally invested 3 decades into advancing the twin causes of security and productivity,” Chen said, in a blog post.

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KNOX not so superior

Chen, also, ironically mocked the fewer number of users for KNOX, saying the platform has not been widely accepted with only fewer than [two] million users compared to tens of millions for BlackBerry. Another criticism from the CEO was that the software is not secure enough, so, clients should use BlackBerry instead.

Chen, further, said that Knox is based on an “insecure foundation” while BlackBerry’s foundation is based on the “multi-decade bedrock” of mobile management and security expertise.

In the end, Chen advises customers not to be “dazzled by those who can talk the security talk. Instead, look to the company that has proven repeatedly it can walk the walk.”

BlackBerry CEO needs to be reminded

What’s interesting is, before taking a swipe at Android Knox, the CEO somehow forgot that his company is, also, struggling with a declining user base. Recently, a report from business consultancy firm Frost and Sullivan claimed that Android leads the OS race across organization-owned devices followed by iOS, Windows Phone. BlackBerry is at the last place.

It’s quite clear, that the Canadian firm has been beaten by rivals (Apple, Google, Samsung) in almost every domain, and now even the ‘Security, ’ which the company believes it is superior in, is also under threat. Google and Apple have been taking measure to strengthen their security features.

Who would succeed eventually, only the time could tell, but the pace at which the rivals are growing there is a possibility for them to defeat BlackBerry in this area, as well.

It’s good to see that BlackBerry is putting up a fight, but it would be better if it does with its actions instead of taking a verbal route.

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