BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Preferred By German Government

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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) has won the trust of the German government as Federal Ministry said that it wants its officials to use encrypted BlackBerry devices. It seems like not everything is doomed for the Canadian smartphone maker after the much-hyped collaboration between Apple and International Business Machine.

BlackBerry serves the purpose

At present, the ministry has employed 3,000 encrypted BlackBerrys in their office. These smartphones are laced with the technology made by German firm Secusmart that prevents the phones from being spied, according to the Interior ministry spokesman Tobias Plate in a phone interview to Financial Post.

“More and more” of these encrypted devices made by the Waterloo, Ont.-based company are being bought for federal government employees, and the number is “constantly rising,” said Mr. Plate. He said that only BlackBerry smartphones go in line with the ministry’s security standards for use with Secusmart’s technology.

Plate said that the federal authority of information security checked various other smartphones and BlackBerry was the standalone brand to be approved by them because of its tight security features. Secusmart SD cards prevent the hackers from breaking into the phones, and the German company sells it for 2,000 Euros.

According to a German publication Bild, Interior ministry needed 20,000 ultra-secure smartphones, though Plate has not spoken of this number. Germany’s Federal Administration employee 400,000 people, and not everyone one of them holds sensitive information to need an encrypted mobile device, the publication said.

BlackBerry high on security

A spokesperson at BlackBerry said that the company is a trusted name in offering secure mobility solutions across critical industries such as government, financial service, healthcare and other security and productivity-focused sectors including all G7 nations and 16 of the G20 countries.

A summit would be held on Tuesday, where John Chen of BlackBerry with other top officials of various companies will discuss the growing security threat encountered by the mobile device users. Chen said that the summit will give the company a platform to tell about its plans in front of a business audience.

The turnaround plans of the company may receive some headwinds from the recent pact between Apple and IBM under which iPhone and iPads will be powered with the industry-specific applications to target enterprise and corporate clients. Shares of BlackBerry took a dip after the partnership was announced between.

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