Beyonce’s Sister Attacks Her Husband Jay Z In An Elevator [VIDEO]

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Celebrity gossip website TMZ reports that it received exclusive video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator. In that video, Solange physically lashes out at Jay Z, swinging and kicking at him. Sources told the website that it happened at a party after the annual fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Standard Hotel in New York City last week.

Video shows Solange’s attack on Jay Z

The video begins with the trio stepping into the elevator. Then Beyonce’s sister starts screaming at Jay Z before she begins assaulting him. The fight began right after they stepped into the elevator. To his credit, Jay Z never tries to strike back, although he did catch her foot one of the times she tried to kick him to block her. A man who looks like a bodyguard tries to hold the singer back. She managed to hit him at least three times, however. At this point it isn’t clear why she assaulted him.

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During the fight, the body guard pushes the emergency stop button in the elevator at the 12th floor. He may have been trying to keep the fight out of the limelight. After the fight, the three musicians left the hotel, with Beyonce and Solange Knowles getting into a different vehicle than Jay Z.

Beyonce tries to calm her sister

Although Beyonce mostly stayed out of the altercation, she did try to calm Solange down during the assault. She also pulled her dress’ train out of the fight. Solange wore some stiletto heels the night of the gala. Those heels probably hurt quite a bit.

There’s no word on whether Jay Z plans to file assault charges against his sister-in-law. He had been a sort of big brother figure to her for years, but that appears to have changed, at least for now. The rumor mill is now churning out suggestions on what the fight about and why Beyonce chose to stay out of it.

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