6 Best Ways To Help Parents With Technology Without Losing Your Mind

6 Best Ways To Help Parents With Technology Without Losing Your Mind
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Senior Learning Expert and Founder of Orchard Info, Ming Yang, on the six best ways to help your parents with technology. She has been featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show!

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Steps To Help Parents With Technology

Technology is a crucial tool used to greatly improve our everyday lives. Daunting digital tasks that once took a great deal of time now become a breeze with six simple and easy steps:

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  1. Tell them to explore and go make mistakes

For many older adults that didn’t grow up with technology, trying to figure out how to use new technology can look like trying to defuse a bomb. Explicitly tell them, “go play with the buttons, and it’s okay to make mistakes.”

  1. Explain what happens if they mistakes

If they pressed the wrong button or selected the wrong option, they can change it anytime in Settings. Diffuse their fear by breaking down their scary assumptions.

  1. Explain what exactly things they can do once they’ve learned it.

Let’s say you are trying to convince your parents to use password management software instead of writing 78 passwords on 3 pieces of paper. Simply say "If you use an app to store your passwords, you won’t have to write them down anymore and they will be super safe and organized."

  1. Tell them not to give up when they get stuck.

Most of the questions that our parents save to ask us until we get home can be solved with a little more persistence. Give them that persistent mindset even without you being home.

  1. Be zen when you are helping them.

Pretend that you’re helping your boss’s mom. It may take several tries for them to get it right, but your patience is key.

  1. Outsource the family IT help so they don’t feel like a bother to you

And when you're not home, Orchard is here to help!

Your parents are in safe hands and will be guided every step of the way.

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