Where In The U.S. Are The Best Job Opportunities For Developers?

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Whether you are a senior developer with years of experience and multiple coding languages under your belt, or just starting out your tech career, there are a wide variety of job opportunities available.

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In fact, there are more than four developing and coding million jobs across the US, making apps, websites, software and everyday technologies run smoothly from initial design, to programming, testing, and bug fixing.

From entry-level positions across a variety of industries, to high-flying posts at some of the most famous and innovating tech giants in the world, there is a huge demand for digital literacy skills.

With such a wide range of developer jobs out there, it’s useful to be able to narrow down your search to find out where the quality jobs are, where the best employers can be found, and where your developer skills are most desirable.

To help you find opportunities that match your skills, needs, and interests, Online Schools Report analysed Indeed’s full-time job listings across cities in the US, and the developer skills that are in demand in different locations.

Referencing data from 50,838 jobs across 768 cities, alongside the most desirable employers for developers to work for, this interactive map highlights the locations with the most promising opportunities for developers.

Best states for full-time developer jobs

Although jobs that involve developing and coding skills can be found pretty much everywhere, there are some major hubs for jobs in the tech industry. 54.7% of developer vacancies are located in just five states.

With 24.1% of all developer vacancies in the US, California is the number one place to follow your dev dreams. Of 12,246 jobs in the sunshine state, 1576 ( more than 10%) are spread across the most desirable employers.

Washington has 14.3% of vacancies in the US, with 7,269 jobs available. A large portion of these jobs (1124) are for top companies, with Microsoft accounting for a whopping 947 opportunities.

Texas, New York, and Massachusetts have the next highest opportunities, with 4,331, 3,307, and 2,013 jobs, respectively (19% of vacancies, collectively). These states have proportionally fewer jobs with top employers, however.

Best cities for full-time developer jobs

While the top 21 cities each have 500+ job opportunities, there are some clear hotspots where the tech industry is thriving. These are Seattle, Washington; New York, New York; San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; and Santa Clara, California.

There are 5,285 vacancies in Seattle, although only 104 of those are in top companies. New York is the host to 2,841 positions, but no top-employer jobs. San Francisco has 2,310 job listings for developers, 87 of which are in highly desirable companies. Austin has a healthy 1,541 job opportunities available, but again, only 60 positions at top companies.

In fifth position overall, with 1,530 jobs, is Santa Clara. However, this is the number one place to head if you want a job at a top company. Apple and Nvidi both have bases here, providing a huge 981 very attractive roles.

Where are the best salaries for developers?

Average salaries vary widely, from $25,000 in Idaho, to $117,000 in New Jersey, where 100 senior-level jobs were advertised. Of the 182 jobs listed in Louisiana, a massive 43.1% have a salary over $100K, compared to Wyoming’s 22%.

Of the 9 States that have an average salary of over 100k, only two of the top-five locations for vacancies and employers - California and Washington - provide that level of remuneration, proving that money isn’t the sole factor in making a job worthwhile.

Where are the best employers for developers located?

Employers were ranked by employees as among the best 100 tech companies to work for. So, where should you go to find the employers who offer the most favorable working conditions, perks, and opportunities?

The short answer should come as no surprise, considering where the majority of developer jobs are located. California and Washington are homes to some tech giants with reputations for treating their workers well.

More precisely, head to Santa Clara and Sunnyvale in California, and Redmond and Bellevue in Washington, to maximise your opportunities at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Nvidia.

The consumer tech giant Apple, which is praised for providing opportunities for growth and professional development, has a massive 866 developer positions open in Santa Clara, as well as 51 in Seattle and a few more in other locations. Also in Santa Clara, Nvidia, which develops GPUs for gaming, is ranked most highly for work-life balance and positive working culture. They have 115 positions open.

There’s ample opportunity to work for Microsoft, which is ranked highly for its work culture and growth mindset. They have 849 jobs open in Redmond, 98 in Bellevue, and a handful in Sunnyvale, Santa Monica, and Atlanta.

Google also has a few jobs in Sunnyvale, and Facebook in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle. Both are very popular among employees for work culture and creative challenges. 

Which developer skills are most desirable?

While it’s useful to build up your repertoire of developer skills, it’s also handy to know which programming languages are desirable for different job opportunities.

Across the job listings, the most desirable points overall are knowledge of Java and Javascript - 21625 and 18029 jobs require these skills. Python is the most generally useful after that, with 14848 jobs requiring this, and C/C++ and SQL are requirements for 14889 and 11234 jobs respectively.

Other languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and Node.js, etc, were required for fewer than 10,000 jobs each. However, opportunities for jobs that require these ‘less frequent skills’ are more common in those states that have the top employers (California, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts).

This all suggests that the ‘most common’ programming languages are what you need to get your foot in the door in many developer jobs. Then, the more you add to your skillset, the more chance you have of getting your dream job, wherever you are!

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