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Best Tablets Of 2017: Galaxy Tab S2, Fire HD 6, Surface Pro 4, 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

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Last year was a relatively quiet year for tablet releases, which lead to critics suggesting our lover affair with the portable device was over. However, if you’re on the lookout for a new tablet in 2017, you have many choices, almost too many in fact. So today, we’ve put our best tablets lists together, featuring what we think are the top-4 based on various factors. Such as price, features, battery life, display quality, OS and more. So, if your old Android, Windows, or iOS slab is failing you, continue reading for new options.

Best Tablets Of 2017

Before we start, it’s worth noting that the tablets below are not placed in order of preference. Instead, this best tablets list is just designed to show our preferred top-4, which you may disagree with. In fact, if you think there’s a product missing, please tell us what that is in the comments section below.

So, here we go, here are we what we think are the best tablets to buy so far in 2017.

Best tablets Galaxy tab s2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Galaxy Tab S2

Does design of a tablet matter to you? If it does the rubberized chassis of the Galaxy Tab S2 maybe not to your liking. However, if protection of your investment is a higher priority, then this approach to doing so by Samsung could be a good thing. As for specs, if you want the best, the S2 has them in abundance.

To start there’s an incredibly sharp 8-inch AMOLED display with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. Meaning colors are vibrant and stand out, and the viewing angle is much better than on previous models. Additionally, if you throw in a 4000mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 8MP camera, 64GB storage, MicroSD card slot, it has everything. Including an Octa-core Snapdragon 652 chipset, which is why the Galaxy Tab S2 makes our best tablets list.

The Galaxy Tab S2 32GB is available to buy at Amazon for $297.99, You Save $102.00.

best tablets fire hd 6
Image Source: Amazon.com

Fire HD 6

Are you on a budget or want a relatively inexpensive device for a child to use? This Amazon Fire HD 6 tablet perfectly fits the bill, however, its low price isn’t the only reason it makes it onto this best tablets list. As it also packs a punch with some powerful specs and features, which make it the best at this price point.

What will you get for your money? There’s a 6-inch IPS-LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 1200 pixels, Plus a Quad-core CPU and 1GB of RAM. Which along with a max 16GB of storage is perfect for watching movies, playing games and other less intensive pass times.

Now, while the Fire HD 6 is Android based, it has an Amazon skin placed over it which locks out access to Google Play. Additionally, Fire OS pushes Amazon’s own services, meaning, what it offers along with third-party content is all you can get.

The Fire HD 6 16GB is available to buy at Amazon for $69.99, You Save $30.00.

best tablets surface pro 4
Image Source: Amazon.com

Surface Pro 4

If your mobile productivity demands are higher than the previous devices could handle. This next entry onto our best tablets list the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will do the job. Making it fit for work or play, an adult or a child, even a student in place of a laptop, as it’s ultimately portable.

As for features and specs, as you would expect from an expensive device it’s laden with them. Starting with its 12.3-inch display which is sharp colorful and probably the best on the market. Additionally, there’s the Surface Pen which enables you to add subtle details and control the Surface Pro 4 more accurately. Moving onto the processor, the Surface Pro 4 is configurable, starting with an Intel Core M all the way up to a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM.

Finally, there’s a full version of windows included, obviously configured to work on a tablet. But, overall the experience is as fully featured as a PC.

You can find out more, or buy the Surface Pro 4 128GB from Amazon for $685.98, You Save $113.02.

best tablets 9.7 ipad pro
Image Source: Amazon.com

9.7-Inch iPad Pro

The last to make it onto our best tablets list is the 2016 version 9.7-inch iPad Pro, a member of the most successful tablet line on the planet. Now, unlike the Surface Pro above, it won’t replace your laptop. Just like the Galaxy Tab S2 and Fire HD 6, it’s limited by restrictions put in place by its OS, iOS 10. Which means you can access the Apple App Store and all of the excellent third-party applications it holds.

As for specs and features, it’s a proven capable device with the typical Apple IPS-Lcd display with True Tone Tech. Meaning the display brightness adjusts to your environment which is perfect for outdoors or late night reading. Powering the iPad Pro is the famed AX9 CPU, which not only makes the device power efficient. It’s also capable of delivering 4K video and editing it if required. Add to this 2GB of RAM and a storage capacity of up to 256GB and it’s a great tablet to own, one that is versatile. Mainly thanks to the inclusion of Apple Pen and Smart Keyboard support.

You can buy the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 32GB from Amazon starting from $515.00, You Save $84.00.

And there you have them, four tablets which not only cater for differing budgets. But also for different needs, so whether, you need a device to keep your child occupied, completing your studies or for work. There’s at least one above that will do either all of them or at least one.

Did you agree or disagree with our choices? Come and share your opinions on those included in the comments section below. And we will get back to you asap.

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