Avengers Android Phone From Warner Bros. Passes Google Certification

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While many people opt for smartphones from well-known and reputable companies like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus or even Huawei or Oppo, there are plenty of other lesser-known companies making smartphones. Now it sounds like Warner Bros. could be getting into the smartphone making game with an Avengers Android phone, but when you hear the rest of the story, you’ll understand why we are so skeptical about this. Don’t get too excited yet!

Avengers Android phone spotted…

The folks at Piunika Web spotted a device listed as the “Android Avengers” phone on a list of devices which passed the Google Play certification process early this week. Technically, the device could be a tablet, a phone, perhaps a digital comics reader or some other gadget because the list doesn’t actually say it is a smartphone. The device was listed alongside another with the marketing name “DC_Comics_G9.” “Warner Bros.” is given as the “retail branding” for both devices.

Based on these brand names, we see multiple issues. If you aren’t into comics and superheroes, you may not notice the issues initially.

And here are all the problems with it

First of all, while Warner Bros. did distribute an Avengers film in 1998, the Avengers brand is actually owned by Marvel, which is owned by Walt Disney. Warner Bros. actually owns the DC Comics universe, which includes heroes like Batman and Superman. As part of the Marvel universe, the Avengers would never cross paths with DC heroes because the two brands are direct competitors of each other.

Thus, we would never expect Warner Bros. to team up with Marvel for an Avengers Android phone. From a business standpoint, that just wouldn’t make sense. No official announcement about the device has surfaced, so there’s no telling where the device actually comes from or what it actually is. If a reputable company is planning to release it, then we would expect some kind of announcement at some point, but until then, this listing leaves far more questions than answers.

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