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Stimulant Bender

Stimulant Bender

Coffee and I have a long history of volatile booms and busts. Although I love its taste and smell, I try to avoid coffee given I’m highly sensitive to caffeine (ironic that I currently work out of a coffee shop!). […]

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Energy Checklist

I’m working on several beaten down energy stocks this week and won’t have time to post. That said, I thought I’d put together a quick check list of some of the things I’m looking for in potential energy investments.Q1 2017 […]

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Retail Survivor

Last week I worked on DSW Inc. (DSW), the shoe retailer. I often think of DSW as the Home Depot of footwear. For a shoe retailer, their stores are huge, averaging 21,000 square feet and carrying 22,000 pairs of shoes. […]

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Don’t Forget To Stretch

I recently pulled my hamstring and calf muscles. After informing a disciplined value investor of my misfortune, he said, “Stretching is key! Stretching is like the due diligence, listening to earnings calls, etc of working out. Doesn’t feel like you’re […]