Assad Uses Chemical Weapons Against Protesters (Updated)

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Assad Uses Chemical Weapons Against Protesters (Updated)

                By REUTERS

Assad (the shortname for President Bashir Al Assad of Syria) has been facing an uprising for nearly a year now. The uprising now has turned into a civil war, with the Sunni majority opposing Assad’s Alawaite apartheid led regime.

The UNSC recently attempted to censure Assad for his actions. Russia and China which have veto power in the council, opposed these measures. At the time, the world was in fury at both countries for seemingly ignoring the brutal opression and war crimes of the Assad regime.

We stated that even from a pure idealist point of view, Russia and China made the humanitarian decision. We stated that if Assad was pushed into a corner he would have no qualms about using his arsenal of confirmed chemical weapons against his enemies.

Below is direct quote from our February 5th article, where we discussed the issue while the world was focused entirely on the Superbowl:

Here is the big problem, Assad has chemical and biological weapons. This is not some Iraq war bogus claim, this is decades old and is an argument against war.

And we also stated:

There is a grave chance Assad will launch these weapons on Israel, Turkey, even large Sunni areas within Syria,  if he feels the end is near. This could lead to 100s of thousands, if not millions of deaths.

Unfortunately we now have word that chemical weapons are being used against protesters. The Jerusalem Post quoting Reuters just reported the following:

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical warfare in order to ease its entrance into Homs, said Awad Al-Razak, an officer who defected from the Syrian armed forces.

Al-Razak, who served in the chemical warfare department of the Syrian military, told the Al-Arabiya network that the government used nerve gas under the supervision of Russian and Iranian scientists, and intends to do so again in otherparts of the country.

From the report it looks like this is just the begining of what could be a massacare of epic proportions. We hope we are wrong and it is hard to confirm precise details in such a closed country, but we have no reason to doubt this is true.

While we do not blame the US or other countries for Assad’s actions, we were the only ones to state how dangerous it was to give a madman a no win solution. The Arab league and the Europeans should also have been cognizant of this danger. It seems no one paid any attention to this issue. Even Russia and China only vetoed the resolution on economic grounds, and to irritate America.

This story is developing check back later for more details.

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