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Asia-Pacific Hedge Funds Lead The Way In Gender Equality

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Preqin’s latest research into gender equality at single-manager hedge funds reveals the Asia-Pacific region is leading the way. The region employs women in 11.2% of C-level roles, but is closely followed by North America which employs 10.9%. Europe-based managers have the worst representation of women in senior roles, with only 6.6% held by females. Looking at specific countries, Hong Kong has the best display of gender equality; almost 13% of senior roles at single-manager firms are held by women, and 28% at fund of hedge fund managers.

Women in hedge funds

Yet these figures highlight that more needs to be done. Single-manager hedge funds globally only employ women in 1 in 10 senior roles. This improves slightly for funds of hedge funds (11.1%), but for CTA managers the representation is less than 1 in 20. Looking at representation by assets under management, mid-sized firms (those with AUM of $500mn-$999mn) have the best proportion of 13%, while managers with $5bn or more in assets employ women in only 7.9% of C-level positions.

gender equality hedge funds

gender equality hedge funds

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