Wait For It… Apple’s iPad Pro 2 May Be Coming Yet

Wait For It… Apple’s iPad Pro 2 May Be Coming Yet
Image Source: Apple.Inc

We’ve been hearing rumors about an all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 for months, but fans were disappointed when Apple abruptly updated its website with its reshuffled product lineup and new products without holding a big event. All hope might not be lost though. The iPhone maker may yet reveal that rumored iPad Pro 2 this spring, perhaps as a “one more thing” at the grand opening of its new Apple Park headquarters in April.

Iconic Steve Jobs: “one more thing”

Steve Jobs was well-known for using the phrase “one more thing” as he moved like he was about to leave the stage during a keynote, only to turn back with something bigger and better than what he had just talked about. In fact, this was such a common practice for him that there are lots of compilations of him doing this, including a YouTube video that covers most or possibly all of the times he did it between 1999 and 2011.

Macworld suggests that the iPad Pro 2 we’ve been hearing rumors about for so long could be a sort of Steve Jobs tribute of the “one more thing” variety.

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Apple posts new products, but no iPad Pro 2

On Tuesday, Apple sent out a press release about the new products it added to its website. There’s a red iPhone 7 being marketed in support of an AIDS charity and an all-new 9.7-inch iPad (note that Apple dropped the “Air” from its name. The company also added some new cases for the iPhone and new bands for the Apple Watch and boosted the two storage options for the iPhone SE to 32GB and 128GBfrom the previous 16GB and 64GB.

The new iPad is less expensive with a starting price of around $330, and it’s faster than the newest iPad Air 2. The iPad mini 2 is gone, and now there’s only one mini being offered, the iPad mini 4 with 128GB of storage, which sells for about $400.

Apple Park HQ set to open

This is certainly expected to be a big year for Apple, so the company would be forgiven for just foregoing the usual spring event, given that the tenth anniversary iPhone 8 or iPhone X (or whatever it’s called) is expected to be released. But there is a spring event scheduled; it’s just not a product-focused event. The company plans to hold the grand opening for its new Apple Park headquarters in April, and Macworld thinks that the iPad Pro 2 might be that “one more thing” Jobs was so well-known for.

It would seem fitting, given that the theatre on the Apple Park campus has been named for him. We also heard another rumor recently that the new iPad will be unveiled at the grand opening event in April, so the suggestion would fit. However, it’s unclear whether the theatre will be ready to hold an event next month, even though some of the company’s employees will begin moving in. The entire move-in process will take about six months, Apple said in a press release last month.

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