Apple Watch Series 4 Design May Feature Edge-To-Edge Display

Apple Watch Series 4 Design May Feature Edge-To-Edge Display

The way the Apple Watch looks hasn’t changed much since its launch in 2015, but rumors suggest that we may see an edge-to-edge display with the Apple Watch Series 4 design.

While Apple has added a number of new features with the launch of each new Apple Watch, we haven’t seen much of a difference in design. Sure, there have been several iterations in which it has varied by thickness or has added a dial, and deluxe Edition models have more premium materials, but it could be difficult to tell each generation apart when putting them side by side.

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With the Apple Watch Series 4 design, however, it appears as if an edge-to-edge display might make an appearance – giving us the biggest Apple Watch display we’ve seen thus far without significantly increasing the size of the device.

It’s important from a practical standpoint that the Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t depart too much from the basic size that we have now. Making it too much bigger would make the device unwieldy and annoying to have on your wrist, and too much smaller would make it difficult to see the screen. By following in the footsteps of the phone industry, the Apple Watch Series 4 could implement an edge-to-edge display that increases the size of the screen while keeping the Watch itself relatively compact.

Two months ago, Ming-Chi Kuo who is an analyst and a big presence in the mobile industry stepped forward with the knowledge that a new Apple Watch Series 4 design is under development with an overall size that is around 15% bigger than what we’ve seen previously.

A new report from Bloomberg suggests, however, that we’ll see Apple Watches that are similar in size to what we have now but with an edge-to-edge display that makes the device feel bigger while keeping the same profile. The outlet also cited a person familiar with the product’s development and stated that we’d actually see a pair of new Apple Watches rather than a singular release. What exactly the difference between the two will be remains to be seen.

With the way that the watch is currently designed, we haven’t actually seen the need for an edge-to-edge display due to the fact that most Watch faces have black edges. A bigger display would be excellent, however – adding further support for easier-to-read notifications and messages as well as bigger photographs and buttons that are more difficult to miss.

When you take a look at products like the iPhone X, it’s easy to see how the addition of extra screen space with the edge-to-edge display while still managing to keep the size of the iPhone 8 is revolutionary. Smartphones are definitely moving in the way of minimizing bezels, and we see no reason why the same logic wouldn’t be extended into products like the Apple Watch.

Outside of the news regarding the edge-to-edge display of the Apple Watch Series 4 design, there has also been news that the new Apple Watch will feature support for watch bands from older models.

This is a significant revelation, and will give users of the Apple Watch the ability to upgrade without having to buy entire new bands. Part of the appeal of a smartwatch is the ability to customize it at will to suit your needs. While a lot of that customization comes in the form of watch faces, the band is also a very visible part of the experience that many wanted more control over.

By allowing the Apple Watch Series 4 design to implement well with existing bands, Apple is making the decision to upgrade much easier for those who have amassed a collection of their favorite bands and don’t want to give it up.

It’s likely that we’ll receive more information about the Apple Watch Series 4 design and its potential edge-to-edge display once we reach WWDC 2018 in the next few days, but until that time the best we have to go off of are industry reports and rumors – and these particular suggestions seem pretty likely.

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