The Apple Watch Series 3 Launch Date May Have Been Revealed

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DigiTimes has cited a Chinese news report that expects Quanta Computer to see a rise in income for the second half of the year. Quanta is one of the main manufacturers used by Apple for their notebooks, servers, and wearables. An expected increase in income could point to a ramp up in production which would likely align with the rumored Apple Watch Series 3 launch date later this fall.

Unlike with the iPhone and other Apple products; we don’t have a great sense of the release schedule Apple would like to adhere to for the Apple Watch. The first generation Apple Watch was released in the Spring while the Apple Watch Series 2 came out nearly a year ago. If Apple has decided that a fall launch is the best time for the Apple Watch then it would make sense for the Apple Watch Series 3 launch date to fall at a similar time as the Series 2. The fact that Quanta is expected to see increased income in the latter half of this year would also lend some weight to the rumor.

Other than this recent news, there hasn’t been much coming in the way of rumors about the Apple Watch Series 3 launch date or features. If the Series 3 is expected this fall, we would expect some more rumors and leaks to start coming along as production ramps up and manufacturers begin producing the various parts required for the new generation Apple Watch. Still, that’s not to say that there aren’t any rumors to chew on right now.

One of the biggest new features expected to come to the Apple Watch Series 3 is cellular connectivity. This would be a nice step forward for the Apple Watch which currently has the ability to run apps natively on the device but still requires a connection to an iPhone to send and receive data. For runners that want instant feedback, this often means taking your iPhone on a run. Being able to leave your smartphone at home and just use a wearable device would be a huge advantage to fitness enthusiasts as well as people who just don’t feel the need to have a smartphone connected to their hip at all times. With cellular connectivity, the Apple Watch Series 3 could likely also make calls and send texts without a connection to an iPhone. Again, perfect for fitness-minded users who want to be carrying as little as possible during their workout.

There are varying rumors regarding the design we can expect on the Apple Watch series 3 launch date. Most rumors seem to agree that there will be an effort to make the Apple Watch thinner and lighter but that’s about where the agreement ends. Some rumors suggest that we will see a similar shape and design to the Series 2. Other rumors have indicated that Apple may be looking at going to a round face or an entirely new Apple Watch design altogether. Until we get some more leaks, it’s hard to make a call on what kind of design to expect.

One very interesting leak about the Apple Watch Series 3 is the inclusion of modular straps and smart bands. The idea behind these smart bands is that Apple could offload some capabilities of the Apple Watch to the smart band. For example, there could be a band available with an extended battery inside that allows users to go further and longer without having to charge their Apple Watch. Apple has a patent for this type of technology and it would interesting to see if there are a variety of bands that each expand the Apple Watch’s capability in different ways for different, unique users.

Those of you that are big selfie-takers might be excited to hear that a camera could be included once the Apple Watch Series 3 launch date rolls around. No more reaching for your smartphone when you want to capture that perfect selfie! It’s a small feature but could make the Apple Watch a “must buy” for some users.

That’s all we know for now. Of course, as more leaks start to make their way into the wild we will be sure to update you. With the Apple Watch Series 3 launch date looking more and more like it will be a fall event; we shouldn’t have to wait long for some more solid news about the upcoming device.

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