Apple Watch Listed In Time Magazine's Top Inventions Of 2014

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Time Magazine recently released it’s Top Inventions of 2014 list and the Apple Watch was featured in the list. Other items on this year’s list include Surface Pro 3, Selfie, and Blackphone.

The Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most exciting inventions of the year and it is all based on a wearable computer device that can be worn on the wrist. It is a unique interface which combines a touchscreen with physical buttons. The watch (which will start at $349) will come with many useful features such as messaging, fitness tracking, wireless payments, and more.

Anticipation for Apple Watch remains strong

There is a strong anticipation for the upcoming smartwatch even though Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) won’t release the gadget until next year. The announcement provided some nuggets of gold. One of those nuggets involved combining Tactics haptic engine with interface interactions, sound, and on-screen activity.

Consumers are not the only ones looking forward to the upcoming smartwatch. Developers are ecstatic Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released the WatchKit toolkit. The first wave for development progress involves creating apps for the iPhone and it will be designed to extend functionality to the Apple Watch with tethered Bluetooth. The entire computing process will take place on the phone. Developers will use WatchKit to upgrade iOS apps to include the addition of WatchKit extension. The exention includes WatchKit code and resources to improve the app’s function. The watch basically becomes a storyboard and it essentially screens populated with data. It works similarily to Android Wear.

Preparing for next year’s smartwatch launch

The second wave will start next year and will allow developers to build native Apple Watch apps which run even when the wearable is not connected to the iPhone. The new smartwatch will come in two sizes with different resolutions 272 x 340 and 312 x 390. Both sizes come with the same 4:5 resolution. WatchKit works with this by making the object start on the top left corner of the screen down and to the right as to fill available space.

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