Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Release Dates Set For September

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While Apple has yet to officially announce the launch dates for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, new rumors have come to light which make the existence of the two devices much more certain than they had been previously. In fact, these new rumors go as far as setting a specific date for which you will be able to get your hands on them!

Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Release Dates Set For September
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iPhone 7 release date

Rumored to be nothing more than an iteration offering what some call minor changes / upgrades from the previous iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 has been dogged by rumors offering conflicting views. However, as the months have gone by, it seems like a consensus has been reached by those who like to talk about the basic features of the handset. So as it stands right now, the iPhone 7 is believed to have redesigned antenna lines, possibly include dual-cameras (depending on the model), and replace the standard headphone jack with a smart connector.

Evan Blass, known by the Twitter handle @evleaks, suggested that the handset will be released the week of September 12. Going into more detail about this over the weekend, he said that this date was in fact, the retail release date of the iPhone 7 and that he expected it to be available to purchase by September 16.

However, there is some confusion as to whether the dates Blass talks about are feasible for Apple, considering that it usually holds off for two weeks between the unveiling and launch of its iPhones.

Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Release Dates Set For September
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Apple Watch 2 release date

The Apple Watch reached its first milestone in April, which was to be on sale for one whole year. However, since its launch, the wearable has received heavy criticism centered around its hefty price tag and poor battery life. Strangely though, this criticism has not stopped the smartwatch from becoming the best selling device of its kind in the world.

As with all things, time moves on, and now fans of the device want Apple to address its obvious flaws with the Apple Watch 2. One rumor surrounding the release of such a device has come from the Taiwan-based site DigiTimes. It recently reported that the next Apple Watch will be unveiled in September or October.

This rumor is based on another one which suggests that Apple has begun to increase its orders of components for the Apple Watch 2 from suppliers. However, seeing as the worldwide sale of smartwatches dipped in Q2, it is also being suggested that Apple is being cautious with its purchasing of components. So which rumor is correct? Do you know?

As for the accuracy of the September – October dates given by DigiTimes as a possible launch period for the Apple Watch 2, the site has in the past proven itself to be good at predicting the launch dates of various Android smartphones. However, it has not had quite as much success with Apple devices. That being said, its claims regarding this next watch from Apple are believable, especially when you take into consideration what has been happening in the wearables market of late.

Final thoughts

So we now have some idea as to what the consensus about these two new Apple devices is. It looks like almost everyone who talks about them believes that by mid-October, both devices will be on sale in your local Apple Store. However, while there is a specific date for the iPhone 7, the Apple Watch 2 has not been given one as so far there is only an arbitrary September to October timeframe being talked about.

Personally, I would expect / like Apple to announce both devices together at the same time with WatchOS 3! After all, what does it have to lose from making such a move?

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