Apple Store Employees To Wear Updated Uniforms Soon

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Apple’s retail executive changes up employee dress codes to help solidify the brand’s image

At Apple’s retail stores, image is everything. It is necessary for employees to represent the company, and employee uniforms are one way to do that. Apple’s current senior vice president of retail, Angela Ahrendts, is doing her part to improve the company’s image.

Big change for retail employees

Given Ahrendts history in the fashion industry, it’s not surprising she wants to change retail store employee uniforms. The new policy’s title is  “Back to Blue….But All New.” To follow the new dress code, employees must wear a polo shirt or crew neck tee in the same shade of dark blue. Both variations come in either long or short sleeve options. All employees will be given one of the short-sleeved versions to start.

The new shirts are of fine cotton construction and made of 10% recycled materials. Apple’s new shirts feature a smaller Apple logo centered at the heart.

Angela Ahrendts hones in on China

New uniforms aren’t the only change Ahrendts has in mind. She also wants to recruit United States-based retail employees for China’s stores. She sent a recent memo to retail workers from 200 employees of U.S. stores. She also reminded employees to keep the Chinese market at the top of their mind.  Apple will hire for 15 stores throughout the country.

Ahrendts has always kept China on her strategy list. She planned a three-part vision for Apple retail, and those points have shaped the company’s impact on China. Apple’s presence in China is showing seeds of success. The iPhone maker sold more phones in China than in the United States in the most recently completed quarter. The tech giant’s even managed to to dethrone Xiaomi, a locally-based phone maker that previously sold the most phones in that market.

Apple wants to take on China, which boasts the largest market and presents a greater opportunity for revenues.

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