Apple Store App Updated To Support Apple Watch

Apple Store App Updated To Support Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the company’s latest shiny gadget, and it is the company’s first step in the smartwatch segment. The watch has started to be shipped, and it has also been torn down by the folks at iFixit. Now the official Apple Store app for iOS has been updated to include support for the Apple Watch, and I wonder what took Apple so long to support its own product. Nevertheless, better late than never.

Apple Store App Updated To Support Apple Watch

Apple store app now available on Apple Watch

Basically this update will allow Apple Watch users to check their order status, get real time updates, check the status for their Genius Bar reservations and discover nearby in-store events and workshops. While the application supports such basic functions, it does not allow users to buy anything on the watch yet. Maybe the company might add such a functionality in the future, but for now, this is what you can do.

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The Apple Watch can in no way be considered a replacement for other iOS devices, and in fact, as far as the process of placing an order on the Apple Store is concerned, this process is much more convenient on bigger screened devices like the iPhone or iPad. Also there’s no need to make all the features and options available to the Apple Watch, and we hope Apple distinguishes what’s essential and what can be skipped. Apart from that, the company will need to ensure that apps available on the watch are properly optimized for the small screen.

So if you are lucky enough to get an Apple Watch, then you can go ahead and grab the official Apple Store app from the below link.

Download Apple Store app from here.

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