Apple’s Secret Labs Have “Motor” Sounds Coming From Them

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Apple has a mysterious satellite campus in Sunnyvale, Calif., and a person who resides nearby has complained about “motor noises” coming from the facility at night, reported Apple Insider on Thursday. There is a large number of documents that link the Sunnyvale campus to Apple, and a fair amount of evidence suggests that the company is developing cars there, which has been called an “open secret.”

Is Apple manufacturing cars?

Apple Insider informed readers that the Sunnyvale resident wrote, “[Do] there have to [be] motor noises at 11:00 p.m. at night like last night? Even with the windows closed I could still hear it.”

Chances are that the sounds the person is hearing could be of construction, which he is mistaking for the revving of an engine.

Last year, the iPhone firm got permits from the city of Sunnyvale to construct a “windowless repair garage” at one of the buildings it operates. Previous reports indicated that Apple is doing prototyping work at the facility. However, if the company is working on building a car frame or automotive components, it is possible that in the process of shaping metal, a fair amount of noise is produced as well.

It is widely believed that Apple engineers are working on the so-called “Project Titan” at the facility where the motor noises are reported to be coming from. Nothing can be said precisely about what those sounds are, but they probably have something to do with the rumored car and not just infotainment technology like the Carplay system.

Several hints support the car theory

Last week, there was a job opening at Apple’s hardware engineering department for a “welder/fabricator” in Santa Clara County. The skills needed were large-scale prototyping skills, including experience with TIG and MIG welding, and the ability to bend tubes.

Citing sources, Apple Insider reports that shipments related to Apple’s Project Titan have been shipped to the Sunnyvale campus, which is just minutes away from the 1 Infinite Loop headquarters.

The “motor sounds” could come from pretty much anything from a power drill to a garage door opener or testing of automobiles. Not much is known about Project Titan, but after the complaint about “motor noises,” speculations about the rumored Apple Car are becoming more rampant.

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