Apple Retail Store Philosophy Revealed In Leaked Video

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Apple Retail Store Philosophy Revealed In Leaked Video

Apple leaked video details the tech giant’s philosophy behind its retail stores. Apple Store locations in many cities are notable because the company has taken steps to turn them into local landmarks. The video shows some of the ideas that go into creating the Apple Store and setting it apart from the numerous other retail stores that exist, both in the city it’s located in and all over the world.

Video Highlights

Ron Johnson, who once headed Apple’s retail division, narrates the video, which was produced by Washington Square Videos. Johnson left Apple in November 2011 to become J.C. Penney’s CEO. Industry insiders believe the video was completed sometime around July 2011, although it was intended only for internal use and not expected to be released to the public. The tech company has had a lot of difficulties finding someone to replace Johnson.

The website 9to5mac is credited with discovering and posting the video, which shows a number of interesting elements of the philosophy behind Apple’s ability to build retail landmarks. It features images from Apple stores all over the globe. Among its features is an early mock-up inside London’s Covent Garden which shows the site before construction, when company executives were looking at elements of design. The video also shows Shanghai’s incredible giant glass cylinder store and New York’s glass box store.

Apple Retail Secrets

The video highlights several company secrets that Apple uses when planning all of its retail stores. Three of the main features include having a store that’s in the middle of a large city, maintaining the historical integrity of the city, and designing and building beautiful architectural features.

In the video, Johnson said, “If you can tailor a store uniquely to its setting, it can actually improve communities.” He went on to say that rather than viewing their stores as a place they simply rent, they look at them as an “environment” they “inhabit.”


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