Apple In 2017: iPhone 8, Touchscreen Macbook, Siri-Powered Speakers, etc.

Apple In 2017: iPhone 8, Touchscreen Macbook, Siri-Powered Speakers, etc.
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2017 will be a massive year for the ever popular and powerful Apple corporation, with the Californian company seeking to reinvigorate its product range. This is a critical 12 months in the history of Apple, as the consumer electronics giant has lost a little bit of momentum recently. At one time, AAPL’s share price was rising inexorably, while the improving fortunes of the company seemed relentless. Apple has been stunned by a little criticism and negative perception over the last year or so, and this could shock the company into serious action in 2017.

iPhone 8

Top of the list of Apple devices in 2017 will undoubtedly be the eighth generation iPhone. The iPhone 8 will mark the tenth anniversary of this iconic smartphone, and AAPL will undoubtedly wish to deliver something outstanding to acknowledge this occasion.

Early reports on the iPhone 8 suggest that Apple will significantly redesign the smartphone, and that an OLED display, possible curved screen and new sleek, glass-based design will be central to this process.

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Several other innovations have been linked with the iPhone 8, and the overall feeling is that AAPL will produce a far more revolutionary release in 2017 than in recent generations, with the intention of particularly marking the tenth iPhone anniversary.

MacBook Pro 2016

Touchscreen MacBook

One of the intriguing rumors being linked with the AAPL corporation for 2017 is that it will produce a touchscreen MacBook. This would obviously combine the hugely regarded laptop computer with the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad range. Many consumers particularly desire this innovation, with the MacBook undoubtedly remaining hugely popular, but still in need of innovations according to some users.

This can be very much filed under rumors, as Apple has yet to confirm that it will indeed produce this device in 2017, but several analysts have suggested that it is on the horizon.

Siri-Powered Speakers

Another intriguing product which Apple has been linked with in 2017 is the release of Siri-powered speakers. The notion of a speaker system in the home with an integrated artificial intelligence program is not new, indeed both Amazon and Google have already released such hardware. But it would be a new product niche for Apple, and it is an area tipped for growth in the coming years. Siri-powered speakers would essentially contribute to the growing smart home niche, delivering high-performance far-field voice recognition.

The precise functionality which such a piece of hardware would deliver is not known as of yet, and also AAPL has yet to confirm the existence of the device, let alone any concrete release date. But there have been rumors of a Siri-powered speaker system for several months, rekindling memories of the Apple Watch, which was also rumored well ahead of its ultimate release.

HomeKit hardware

HomeKit is also likely to be seriously updated in 2017, with the smart home market becoming increasingly important. It must be said that AAPL has struggled to encourage people to utilize HomeKit as of yet, but it is believed that this process will develop in the next twelve months with the corporation releasing hardware to accompany the existing software.

This would be a logical move for AAPL considering the fact that it already has a reputation for producing both proprietary hardware and software.

Augmented reality

Apple supremo Tim Cook has already made his enthusiasm for augmented reality clear over the last couple of years, which strongly implies that Apple will move into the augmented reality market sooner rather than later. It is possible that AAPL could embrace the iPhone as a source for delivering augmented reality, but a standalone device of some sort, either as an alternative or companion, is also possible.

Augmented reality is not to be confused with virtual reality, but there are obvious similarities between the two, and VR is already becoming part of the mainstream technology landscape.

apple black friday deals ipad
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iPad range

Apple is also likely to update its iconic iPad tablet range in 2017, with an eighth generation of the computing series expected. Apple will probably release new 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models next year, as it attempts to restore growth to the tablet marketplace. It is no secret that tablets have stagnated significantly over the last couple of years, after the early iPad releases were hugely successful for AAPL.

Thus, Apple must demonstrate in 2017 that it can deliver something outstanding and truly innovative with the iPad range. It has attempted to diversify with the release of the iPad Pro in various screen sizes, attempting to essentially be all things to all tablet consumers. But it must do more than this in the coming months, if it is to convince people to invest in tablet computers once more.

Apple In 2017: iPhone 8, Touchscreen Macbook, Siri-Powered Speakers, etc.

iMac 2017

Apple will also tweak the iMac desktop range in 2017. Arguably, the iMac is the most revered desktop computer in the world, not least due to its unparalleled, and instantly recognizable, design. The 5K resolution iMac in 2017 will embrace USB Type-C connectors and improved graphics chips, while there will also obviously be processor updates.

Apple Watch 3

Apple could also refresh its smartwatch range in 2017, with the Apple Watch 3 potentially hitting the market. AAPL has still to demonstrate that the Apple Watch can establish itself as a mainstream device, and it would love to do this in 2017. Considering that the forthcoming Google Pixel features circular faces, it is possible that AAPL could also consider producing a model of the Apple Watch with a round display.

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Apple Car

Finally, the much vaunted Apple Car will obviously not appear in 2017, but there is the outside possibility that AAPL could finally acknowledge its existence. Failing that, we could be in line for more leaks from the Cupertino-based company which provide tantalizing details on this seemingly inevitable electric car release.

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