Apple, Microsoft Top List Of World’s Most Valuable Brands

Apple, Microsoft Top List Of World’s Most Valuable Brands
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The value of technology is never something to underestimate. Whether it is a quality-made product that is used every day or a service that simplifies specific tasks, there is no denying the strong influence of well-made technologies. Perhaps this is why it should come as no surprise that two well-known tech brands top this year’s most valuable brand list from Forbes magazine.

Apple takes the lead

Apple takes the number one spot on the list. The tech giant behind one of the world’s most popular phones sold a total of 74.8 million handsets in the last quarter of 2014. Apple has made a name for itself as the leader in mobile technologies, and it paved the way for innovations to develop. Now the Cupertino tech company wants to do the same with the watch industry.

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Microsoft takes second place, which is surprising given the fact that the personal computer software maker has been struggling to reach success in a market dominated by smartphones and tablet computers. One of the company’s top competitors is Apple.

Microsoft looks to the future

Microsoft’s position is improving right now, all thanks to current CEO Satya Nadella. The company plans to release the highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system sometime this summer. It also plans to change things up by adding the new Edge browser to supplement Internet Explorer.

A new report surfaced from CNET claiming Microsoft plans on getting tighter security for the upcoming internet browser. Edge will do away with text-based passwords and use Passport technology for authentication instead. The new browser system will also use Microsoft EdgeHTML, a rendering engine that allows webmasters to protect their websites and blogs from cyber-attacks.

Edge will use SmartScreen features for checking the reputations of websites. Another exciting improvement with the Edge browser that should significantly reduce the risk of computer infections is that it removes extension support. The HTML5 browser will use a unique system that supports HTML and JavaScript to support extensions instead.

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