Apple Inc. May Sell Apple Watch At Nordstrom

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Apple is reportedly looking for new avenues to market the upcoming Apple Watch. One unnamed source claims Nordstrom is currently in talks with the watch maker to potentially carry the new device. Other luxury retailers including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks 5th Avenue, and Barney’s reportedly have no plans to carry the new wearable in the immediate future.

Nordstrom could sell Apple Watch in the near future

Nordstrom is a chain of high-end department stores, and it carries a wide range of luxury brands. The Apple Watch would be an ideal item for Nordstrom to sell. Late last year, the Cupertino-based tech giant brought prototypes of the smartwatch to a boutique in Paris.

Apple is entering a whole new territory with the upcoming Apple Watch. Although the brand already associates with high-end products, this is the first time the company entered the fashion luxury brands market. It helps the tech giant’s chief executive officer Tim Cook brought on former Burberry executive Angela Ahrendts on board, her expertise in the luxury market is proving to be a value. Her current focus is working towards expanding the company’s retail presence in China.

Angela Ahrendts success with Apple

Ahrendts and Jony Ive (the tech giant’s design chief) are working together to market their products to Chinese customers. China is the key to company’s next level of success. The country will account for half of all luxury good sales globally by the year 2025. A significant portion of the iPhone maker’s profit ($18 billion profit on $75 billion) came with a 70% increase in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong compared to last year. Over a fifth of total worldwide revenues came from China alone. This made Apple the leading smartphone maker in China. The company’s success in the Chinese market attributes to Ahredents.

Apple’s entry into the luxury fashion market will help differentiate it from its rivals that focus on the fitness-tech wearables market.

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