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Apple’s iTunes, App Store, and many other services are down. Apple has yet to release a comment to the public on the matter, but many Apple users are flocking to support forums as well as social websites to discuss the outage.

Apple’s system status page makes no mention of any issues as of 8:33 am Eastern Standard Time. There is no report or indication as to what is causing the outage. Other services affected by this issue include iBooks, iTunes Connect, and Test Flight.

Apple itunes store

The App Store has experience intermittent issues for awhile. It is sometimes accessible, and sometimes it is not. When the store experiences difficulties, users get a technical difficulties message. Users who tried to make a purchase on the App Store sometimes receive a message that says the item in question is not available.

The App Store app remains accessible, but it doesn’t allow users to download anything. Users tap the “Get” or price button to access the install button. When the user taps the install button, the first button disappears and makes it impossible to download. The issue affects Apple customers throughout the world.

Earlier this week, Apple shut down its official online store in preparation for Monday’s big event that discussed the highly-anticipated Apple Watch. Details addressed at the event include pricing and official launch dates. The Watch will be available for pre-order in early April, and it will officially launch in stores on April 24th. The device is one of the most personal items Apple has created in its history of existence.

Apple usually shuts down its online retail stores right before a big event is about to take place just to prevent spoilers. It is unlikely today’s outage has anything to do with an event or announcement. The issue is most likely a glitch in the system, and Apple is probably working on the issue.

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