Apple 2016 Roadmap: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, Siri For Mac, etc.

Apple 2016 Roadmap: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, Siri For Mac, etc.
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2016 did not get off to a great start for Apple with its first quarter financial results showing lack luster sales, when compared to the same period in previous years. This news however, has kick-started predictions from critics and analysts alike. Who like sooth Sayers from ancient times, are predicting the downfall of this technological giant. However, more recently and probably not a moment too soon, the direction of the Apple 2016 roadmap has become much clearer with speculation over a number of new products. This has helped put some much needed anticipation back into its fortunes.

Apple 2016 Roadmap: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, Siri For Mac, etc.

Three iPhone 7’s

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing about the iPhone 7 and all the rumors surrounding it. However, it looks as though Apple maybe about to throw a curve ball mine and others way by launching three different iPhone 7 models. So far, here on Valuewalk we’ve covered news about the standard iPhone 7 and what could be an iPhone 7 Plus, but it looks like the third new iPhone could be an even more premium version (some are calling it the iPhone Plus Plus) and it is this model that could feature the rear dual camera sensor not the plus!

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At the moment all the different news and rumors about what is actually happening is starting to become a little confusing, but I and others here on Valuewalk will endeavour to clear that up for our readers.

Apple 2016 Roadmap: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, Siri For Mac, etc.

Apple Watch 2

Even though it has been critically slated by many the Apple Watch is the biggest selling smartwatch on the market. Nevertheless there are plans for an Apple Watch 2 and it could launch as soon as June at Apple’s WWDC 2016 event. Not much if anything is really know about this new watch yet, there are plenty of rumors doing the rounds, some which I have written about.

New Macbooks

As is with almost every WWDC event Apple will launch new upgraded versions of its Macbook series laptops. Expected at this year’s event are whole raft of new models from a spec-bumped 12-inch Macbook to a new 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook Air (However, it has been rumoured that Apple my drop “Air” from the name). Also, there is rumor that we could see a whole new line of redesigned Macbook Pro’s.

iOS 10 at WWDC 2016

iOS 10

Hotly anticipated at this year’s event is iOS 10, this year’s update is one of the most highly anticipated updates to Apple’s mobile OS that I have ever seen. However, that should come as no real surprise considering all the troubles Apple has had recently with iOS 9.3.2.

Revamped Apple Music

Apple is reportedly considering dramatically overhauling its music streaming service, Apple Music, and only one year has passed since it unveiled it to at WWDC 2015. Rumors are suggesting that its user interface will get a reboot and features like Beats 1 radio will be expanded so that it can better integrate downloading and streaming.

This rumoured overhaul is being seen by some critics as a way in which Apple can lure its customers into its paid subscription service, to help it to offset what have been stagnant iTunes sales.

Apple 2016 Roadmap: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, Siri For Mac, etc.

Siri for Mac

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the tech giant was going to drop the word Air from its Macbooks and to bring OS X 10.2 more into line with its mobile iOS operating system. To start the ball rolling on this Siri will be ported over to the Mac and provide a similar function to what Cortana does in Windows 10.

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