iPhone 6: Chinese Sellers Ahead Of Apple Inc. In Taking Pre-Orders

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Some tech retailers don’t want to wait for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 6. Some Chinese sellers are already taking pre-orders of the upcoming gadget although the phone isn’t expected to debut in two months.

A few Chinese sellers are ahead of the game

The Wall Street Journal reports there are over 30 sellers on Alibaba’s Taobao network that are currently offering iPhone 6 pre-orders. The only catch with this is that buyers have to pay a deposit of 500 yuan to 7,999 yuan. The customer response is positive so far, earlier in July, four customers paid 4,999 each for pre-orders.

Since Apple has yet to announce a time-table or the price for the upcoming iPhone 6, it is up to each individual seller to figure out the best way to market the pre-orders. One particular seller from Taobao claimed the devices would go on sale on or around September 20th. The smaller 4.7 inch model would retail for 5,288 yuan (or $851 in US dollars) and the larger 5.5 inch version would start at 5,988 yuan ($964 in US dollars). Chinese-based telecom carriers don’t subsidize expensive smartphones the way the United States does. It is important to point out the retailers most likely got the pricing wrong, especially since there is no way the retailers could obtain the exact price of the phones before the official unveiling.Tech analysts do expect Apple to charge more for the upcoming smartphone as it makes the most sense if production costs are higher for a larger screen phone.

Accessory firms prepare for iPhone 6 phone cases

Albaba’s Taobao sellers are not the only retailers trying to capitalize on the hot item before it officially arrives. Mobile accessory designers and companies are preparing for the upcoming phone with protective phone cases for both 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models. Most of these accessories, however, won’t be available until early October.

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