Apple iOS 6 Hit Users With Major WiFi Problems On Older iDevices

Apple iOS 6 Hit Users With Major WiFi Problems On Older iDevices
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A brand new operating system upgrade usually comes with a few minor problems, and Apple’s iOS 6 is certainly no exception. The recent upgrade to iOS 6 has left some iDevice users experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, which sometimes keep users from connecting to the internet through WiFi, by graying out the connect options. Then there is another set of WiFi users who can connect, but aren’t able to access the Internet.  Not only that, but this problem seems to also affect Bluetooth. It’s been reported that some users are not allowed to pair their Bluetooth devices.

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Apple iOS 6 Hit Users With Major WiFi Problems On Older iDevices

The users that are most affected are those who use iPhone 4s and the third generation iPad.

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This problem is still relatively new, and even though Apple knows about the glitch, they have yet to come up with a solution. In the meantime, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) users who are experiencing these problems can head over to Apple’s support community and message board for solutions that may work.

Such suggested fixes include a clean sweep installation of iOS 6, and downgrading to  iOS 5.1. Some users have also suggested a more drastic approach: taking their current handset and trading it in for another at the Genius Bar inside an Apple store.

The WiFi problem can be traced back to when iOS 6 was initially released to the public, when early adopters claimed to experience issues with WiFi connections. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) quickly traced back to where tthe problem started on the verification page and repaired it. At press time, there is no word on where the current problems started, but many think it can be traced back to network settings. Resetting the network and changing the HTTP Proxy to “Auto” apparently is most effective.

It’s not surprising at all that iOS 6 users are still experiencing problems, as it’s still relatively new. I’d give it at least a few more weeks, until all the technical glitches are corrected.

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