Apple iOS 10 Rumor Roundup

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is only weeks away and the company is expected to unveil iOS 10.

The latest version of the iOS mobile operating system is the subject of a growing number of rumors. Commentators are wondering what changes will arrive with the advent of Apple iOS 10, and here is your roundup of the rumors.

iOS 10 to appear largely similar to iOS 9

Visually speaking the new operating system will be very similar to iOS 9. Those waiting for a massive redesign will be disappointed.

However those who are hoping for new features will be pleased. The first rumor relates to the alleged introduction of new emojis. Thanks to an agreement with the Unicode Consortium, iOS 10 could feature 74 additional emojis.

If you use your iPhone to look after your photo collection, you could be pleased to hear about changes to the stock Apple Photos app. The iOS 10 version of the app could see the return of features such as the ability to edit EXIF data in app, and edit specific parts of the photo within the app.

Photos and Music apps to change

We may also see the introduction of face detection to the iOS Photos app. The feature is already available in the Mac version but the mobile app does not support it.

Apple Music is also going to get a major overhaul in iOS 10. It will be completely redesigned and boast new features such as integrated support for song lyrics.

Expect further capabilities to be added to Apple Pay, which will allow you to use the service on websites.

Another rumored innovation could see iOS 10 become the first Apple operating system that lets you hide stock Apple apps. Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the feature is set to be introduced, so soon you will be able to hide the icons for apps that you don’t use.

Concept videos imagine potential changes

Other potential changes could improve the user experience, including enabling 3D Touch quick actions for toggles. The company should also allow more customization. A number of concepts have been released which imagine similar features.

Apple may also decide to introduce more iPad specific features in iOS 10. The fact that the company now has two iPad Pro models may mean that it brings in more features to pitch the devices as laptop replacements.

Apple has so far kept a tight lid on developments for the new operating system, and there could be far more new features than rumored.

With regard to release dates we can look at previous versions to spot a pattern. Apple usually release beta versions of iOS during the WWDC event. This year’s event will run from June 13-17, so expect a developer and public beta version soon after the event opens.

The final release date is also fairly easy to predict as Apple has been consistent in its past behavior. Following those past patterns it would seem that Apple will release iOS 10 around the same time as the iPhone 7 goes on sale, which is thought to be in September this year.

As with all tech rumors it is important to remember that they are just rumors. Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest, so all of the rumors you read are speculation.

However it looks like the tech company will make a series of important changes that should please Apple fans.

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