Apple Inc’s iPhone 5 To Come With a New User Interface?

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Apple Inc's iPhone 5 To Come With a New User Interface?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has showed the world an example of how a single phone can be a game changer. No doubt iPhone is the most revolutionary device to date. Many people joke that Apple always brings next generation technology today. For example, who would have thought that Apple would launch iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 and fit in a dual-core A5 chip, 8MP camera with a 1080p video capturing, and the revolutionary Siri.

iOS 5, as per Apple is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system and it comes with over 200 new features. Do you think that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be a game changer, again?

There are many rumors floating around about iPhone 5, but that happens all the time. User interface (UI) is a very important aspect of any phone. Some reports claim that the next generation of iPhone will feature a 3D user interface but should you believe in it? Not until the official statement comes out.

So what are the chances that iPhone 5 will come with a new UI? UI is an important aspect of any operating system. Apple has recently released the iOS 5.1, and therefore with the launch of iPhone 5 we may not see a new OS. If there’s no new OS then there won’t be any new UI, but Apple can tweak the OS specifically for the new generation phone.

Let’s take the example of Siri, is it a part of OS or of iPhone 4S? The answer is iPhone 4S. This is the strategy that makes Apple interesting. Apple always has to decide what new features  they should add so that the phone sells like hot cakes. This is very hard, and Apple usually excels on deciding new features for their upcoming phone.

If rumors are true then 2012 is the year of iPhone 5. There’s no official word on release date yet. Let’s wait and watch the show for what exciting new features iPhone 5 has to offer, apart from just improving the hardware specifications.

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