Apple Inc. Stores To Carry Apple Watch In June

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Apple fans who want to purchase the new Apple Watch in stores will have to wait until June. The tech company’s retail executive Angela Ahrendts recently sent a memo to employees explaining that the new device won’t be available in stores on launch day, which is April 24. It won’t be available in stores throughout the entire month of May either.

Apple’s low watch supply

Ahrendts attributes the issue to high global interest and lack of initial supply. She further explained that the watch is in a category all its own; there is nothing else quite like it. In efforts to deliver the best experience for customers, the company has to design a completely new approach. This approach includes showing off the new watch in stores before sales begin.

She added that not every product launch will be like this in the future. This likely means the iPhone launch will continue to have limited in-store availability as it always has before. The demand for new iPhones is significant as many people have no problem waiting in line for the new gadget. Ahrendts also told employees online orders come with “Personal Setup” service. When customers purchase the Apple Watch online, they can walk into an Apple store and have an employee show them how to make the most of the new device.

Apple Watch in high demand

Preorders for the Apple Watch started nearly a week ago. The initial supply fo the preorders sold out immediately. New orders for the watch won’t ship out until June. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted earlier this week that preorders for the Apple Watch likely reached 2.3 million units. The low supply has been attributed to limited availability of components such as the haptic vibrator and OLED screen.

Although customers have to wait for the Apple Watch, they can get a hands-on preview in store. Customers can try on non-functional watches or test out functional watches on display.

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