Apple Inc. Rolls iTunes Extras On Apple TV

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has finally unveiled the new version of iTunes Extras clubbed with a long awaited support for the Apple TV. Through iTunes Extra users will be able to activate those extra features on a DVD or Blu-ray like behind the scenes commentary and deleted scenes.

iTunes Extras on Apple iOS8 this Fall

The iPhone maker has supported iTunes Extras since 2009, but with the release of the second-generation of Apple TV the support for iTunes Extras was taken away and was available from iTunes running on a computer. Now, Apple has brought back the support to Apple TV, but it’s only for the second and third-generation Apple TV, not the first.

Apple TV users and fans can now avail the premium content on their $99 set-top boxes. So, it’s a smart move from Apple to encourage users to buy movies on iTunes.

Apple iTunes Extras has been released as part of the iTunes 11.3 update, which is now rolling from or the Mac App Store. The iTunes Extras support will arrive on the iOS8 this fall, and Apple TV can be updated to a higher version to enjoy the feature.

Extras support for studio partners

According to Apple, the studios would be able to add new content to Extras packages over time as the update is cloud-based. Now, studios could easily promote their upcoming theatrical or home video release.

Apple has worked in close collaboration with studio partners to give Extras support for the variety of films titles like The LEGO Movie, Mean Girls, The Dark Knight Rises, Ghostbusters, Frozen and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Fox Home Entertainment, one of the Apple’s studio partners, has given some teasers of the new iTunes that will be available with The Grand Budapest Hotel. Through a new feature in the iTunes Extra, users can choose favorite scenes without scrolling and photo gallery. Extras are compatible with the 4k resolution.

Upon updating Apple TV software, the users will be able to set the iTunes settings to the HD movies. On pressing the play button, a disc like menu will appear on the screen with various options specific to movies. For instance, if a user selects the movie Frozen he or she will see options like Play, Songs, Extras, Featured Extras and related. There will be options like the making of documentary, deleted scenes and artwork.

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