Apple Inc. iPad Pro To Be As Thin As iPhone 6 [REPORT]

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Thin is in. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s upcoming iPad Pro tablet is rumored to be as thin as the new iPhone 6. This report comes from Japanese tech blog Macotakara.

It is reported the next Apple tablet computer will not be quite as thin as the iPad Air 2, but it will be thin as the iPhone 6, but it will still be one of the thinnest in Apple history. This tablet is expected to be a larger version of the iPad Air 2. It will also feature two additional speakers as well as an extra microphone for audio professionals.

iPad Pro will be Apple’s answer to Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The iPad Pro will be designed to compete against Microsoft Corporation’s Surface Pro 3 tablet. This larger tablet will focus on work, productivity, and education. It is hoped this tablet will help boost Apple’s iPad sales as revenues for the tablet declined in the last seven quarters.

Apple has not confirmed the iPad Pro, it is still in the rumor phase. If and when it is launched, it won’t be until months later. This device is expected to hit stores during the first quarter of 2015.

Apple hopes to make tablets relevant again

Apple is already trying to dominate the scene with iPad. The Cupertino-based tech giant partnered with IBM to increase development of enterprise applications. The company is also making strides in the education market by getting iPads in more schools. The tech giant already secured a spot in the budget market with the iPad Mini, now it needs to conquer the enterprise market with the iPad Pro.

The tablet market has shrunk as the smartphone market grown significantly. The growth of phablet phones is the primary reason for the impact. Many people who own larger smartphones forgo buying a tablet as the phablet fulfills all their computer needs. This trend will likely continue for the next few years.

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