Apple Files A Patent To Control Devices In Your Home Via NFC

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Apple Files A Patent To Control Devices In Your Home Via NFC

While you can’t argue about Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s unbound innovation, this time the iPhone maker has sparked off a lot of debate, after a patent application, published yesterday, suggested that Apple wanted to seize control of consumers’ homes (not in the literal sense). Through Near Field Communication, abbreviated as NFC, Apple has embraced the notion that it wants to control all electronic devices within consumers’ homes.

In as much as the small shred of doubt compels you to question for ulterior motives, the idea behind the patent seemingly appears to be noble. Consumers will be able to use Apple’s products, particularly the iPhone, to control most, if not all, electronic devices in the home. The lengthy patent, which was originally filed in 2010, is has a lot of illustrations that demonstrate how Apple will embrace NFC to control electronics within the home.

CNET’s Erick Mack advocates for an idea of slavery, where Apple’s products will remotely control devices like projectors, televisions, DVRs, and standalone cameras.

The patent has a concise and candid banal title, “System and Method for Simplified Control of Electronic Devices”. The principle motive behind this patent is improving communication within the home and centralizing control. Home electronics will be wired to your preferred iOS device largely through NFC.

One standout feature in the patent is the ability to control games on a console, through the iPhone’s screen. The idea of an Apple TV is also accented in the patent.

In as much as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has paraded a heightened degree of innovation and hard work. The market has an inherent tendency of always filtering out, and ultimately facing out otherwise good ideas. That is why not all patents filed and published make it to the mainstream market. All the same, Apple’s prospects continue to soar as the market is particularly anticipant at the moment. Apple is just about to launch the much awaited iPhone 5, and this new NFC driven idea may have the opportunity to ride on the back of the iPhone 5’s probable success.

Also, the idea of an Apple HDTV seems to draw closer and closer. I believe that Apple’s new NFC driven idea will elusively sink in, as consumers will shift their attention to Apple’s oncoming products; it’s all part of a bigger strategy I suppose.

As of the moment, the market is still tensed up after Apple yesterday introduced an interesting piece of evidence in its ongoing case against Samsung that will be used in trial next week.

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