Apple Fixes Screen Unlock Fault With iOS 9 Update

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As with any new operating system, Apple iOS 9 has had some teething troubles, including a flaw which allows people to bypass your screen lock.

Fortunately for the millions of customers that rushed to download the latest update, Apple has a good record when it comes to fixing glitches quickly and effectively. This particular flaw let people bypass your screen lock using Siri, allowing them access to your contacts and photos.

Lock-screen bypass most serious flaw fixed in update

Apple’s latest update, iOS 9.0.2, fixes the flaw. Apple acknowledged the fault, and said that because of it “a person with physical access to an iOS device may be able to access photos and contacts from the lock screen.”

To break through security, all you needed to do was enter an incorrect password multiple times and then activate Siri. The flaw was only present in devices with four- or six-digit passcodes, but it was present in the original release and the iOS 9.0.1 update.

In order to address the issue, Apple is “restricting options on a locked device” so that Siri can no longer be exploited in order to enter contacts and photos. Other similar bugs were noticed with the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4s and the release of iOS 7 in 2013.

In both cases Apple quickly released a patch, and the same is true this time around. Other flaws were also fixed in the update as Apple continues to tighten up iOS 9.

Apple continues to fix minor problems

Problems were reported when backing up to the iCloud, which is no longer an issue, along with problems activating iMessage and a bug in mobile data settings. Additionally the company fixed a problem with screen rotation, and tightened up security on Podcasts.

In order to prevent security breaches from the Lock Screen, it is recommended that you disable Siri. Fewer features available on the lock screen means less potential points of entry for hackers.

Those who have downloaded iOS 9 and want to get their hands on the update should have received a notification. It’s recommended that you keep your operating system up to date to prevent security breaches.

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