Apple To End $99 ‘One to One’ Tutoring Program [REPORT]

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Apple’s $99 “One to One” tutoring program for Mac and iOS users might soon come to an end, says a report from MacRumors, which cites information provided by a reliable source. The company wants its retail employees to focus more on conducting free workshops for many people to attend at once, says the report.

Apple to now organize open workshops

Now, in place of the “One to One” program, Apple will be offering free workshops. Going forward, the free workshops will be around themes such as “Create” and “Discover,” and they will be featured on its website more prominently. Through these workshops, new customers will get an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Apple devices and bring a lot more foot traffic in retail stores.

All existing “One to One” memberships will be honored by the firm until their expirations, but no new memberships will be sold.

Apple’s “One to One” program was useful

Under the “One to One” program, which has been running quite some time, Mac customers were required to pay an annual tuition fee of $99. In a year, they could take help from Apple retail employees regarding instructions as to how to use various Apple devices such as the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Three types of sessions were conducted under this program: Personal Training sessions for 30 or 60 minutes, Group Training Sessions for 90 minutes and group-based Open Training sessions for 90 minutes.

Topics covered under these sessions include how to get started with a new iPhone, iPad or Mac and guidance on the usage of services like iCloud and iTunes. It also included training sessions on several Apple apps such as Photos, Mail, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and more.

“One to One will help you do more than you ever thought possible with your Mac,” the company says, explaining the program. Retail employees first set up the email of the user, transfer their photos, music and other files to their new device and teach them how to use iCloud for keeping everything in sync. “Then, we’ll work with you to create a curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style, and experience level.”

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