Apple To Drop Lightning For USB-C On iPhone 8 [REPORT]


Apple is expected to release a tenth anniversary iPhone this year, but the latest rumor about the device may disappoint some. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Lightning connector in the iPhone will be replaced with a USB-C port which the user will be able to use for the charging cord and to connect peripheral devices.

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Apple doesn’t mind experimenting

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it seems that to incorporate the USB Type-C connector, an industry standard, Apple has chosen to do away with the Lightning port. Another interpretation of the WSJ report could be that Apple is planning to incorporate USB-C adapters into its power adapters rather than into the phone itself, notes The Verge.

Since the new MacBooks shipped with the adapters, the company might put USB-C on the end of the iPhone power cable instead of the USB-A plug. This, according to The Verge, makes sense as it would allow buyers of the new iPhone to charge their phones from their new MacBook with the cable that comes in the box.

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Such a move might surprise many who know that the tech giant gives preference to its own connection standards and pushes them regularly. However, it isn’t completely odd, as the MacBook line already has USB-C. But you never know with Apple. The 2.5mm headphone jack was the industry standard some time ago, but the iPhone maker controversially chose to drop it in support of its own Lightning connecter.

iPhone 8 to come with curved OLED display

The WSJ report also mentioned a few more things related to Apple’s upcoming iPhone. The report said that Samsung will supply the curved OLED display. The tech firm “has decided to adopt a flexible display for one model of the new iPhone coming out this year and has ordered sufficient components to enable mass production, people familiar with the matter said,” according to the WSJ.

This claim is consistent with earlier reports. Previously, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo made several claims that Apple would launch three iPhones this year. In succession to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there will reportedly be two ‘s’ cycle iPhones featuring LCD displays and a special Tenth Anniversary Edition iPhone 8.

The WSJ report also mentions that the company intends to get rid of the Home button to free up more space for a slimmer bezel. This also is in line with Kuo’s claims of a “function area” below the new iPhone’s main display, notes Macrumors.

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