Apple In 2015: A Product Roadmap And iOS 9

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Apple is gearing up for a busy 2015 with the launch of a new product category and preparations for the iOS 9 launch. But are there any surprises in store for this year? Probably not, because no matter how hard Apple tries, it just can’t plug the many leaks in its supply chain. At any rate, PC Advisor put together a list of the products we can expect from Apple this year, so let’s take a look.

Apple Watch coming soon

The company unveiled the Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last fall and said it would be available for purchase early this year. We still don’t have an exact date, but it could go on sale by March. Apple is offering a plethora of options, from the least expensive model priced in the $300s up to the pricey gold model. Of course those who are happy with a knockoff can get one for just $27 from a Chinese manufacturer.

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iOS 9 test traffic on the rise

Of course iOS 9 will probably be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference in June, and traffic data suggests the preparations are already heating up. Apple Insider reports a steady increase in traffic from devices running early iOS 9 builds.

Unlike in previous years, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about what iOS 9 will bring. Apple Insider suggests that the new version of the mobile operating system could bring improvements to Apple Maps, courtesy some of the company’s recent acquisitions. It’s also possible that iOS 9 could offer some sort of indoor navigation feature, as Apple bought WifiSLAM in 2013 and hasn’t done a whole lot with that technology just yet.

Rumored gadgets: iPad Pro, Apple TV?

In addition to iOS 9, WWDC could bring new iPad models and Mac computers, although it seems more likely that they will be unveiled in the fall after Apple shows off this year’s new iPhones. In recent years, the company has been following a September unveiling schedule for the iPhone and an October unveiling schedule for new iPads.

Of particular interest is the rumored iPad Pro, which is supposedly a 12.9-inch tablet / notebook hybrid. There have been so many rumors about this device that it seems practically a given that Apple is working on it. The only question is when the company will be ready to show it off.

The Mac unveilings have also come separate from WWDC in recent years, although the new Mac OS X version is typically unveiled at the conference. The last MacBook Air was shown off last April, so the timing on the Mac refreshes is a bit more questionable.

Another speculated refresh from Apple this year is the Apple TV set-top box. We’ve been hearing rumors that there will be a refresh of this gadget for years, and quite frankly, they’re getting old. It seems less likely that there will be a new Apple TV this year.

Ah yes, the iPhone 6S / 7

And already we’re having to hear rumors about this year’s new iPhone, which will probably be the iPhone 6S although some are jumping the gun and referring it to the iPhone 7. Seriously, when will people learn that Apple is a creature of habit?

Rumors about Apple’s next smartphone suggest some major upgrades to the camera. Other reports have suggested that both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 will be coming this year, but not at the same time. Still others say there’s an iPhone 6S Mini with a 4-inch display coming this year as well.

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