Android M Will Be Unveiled At Google I/O

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Google published the schedule for the upcoming I/O event that takes place on May 28. The tech giant accidentally revealed that Android M will debut at the conference.

The reference to the next version of Google’s mobile operating system was under a session about the company’s BYOD program called Android for Work. It was first announced at 2014’s I/O conference when it was mentioned as a feature within Android Lollipop.

What to expect from Google’s upcoming I/O

The I/O session, which Google has since removed from the schedule, clarified that Android M is bringing Android power to every workplace. It also opens up brand new markets for millions of devices for employees in every business sector, including small businesses warehousing, and logistics.

Google opted to do something different with Lollipop. The tech giant offered a preview version called Android L, which offered developers a chance to familiarize themselves with the new Material Design language.

Another reason we can expect the Android M unveiling at I/O is the “What’s new in Android” session. Google did not confirm the highly anticipated operating system update in the session, but it did mention coming enhancements designed to improve Lollipop. Such improvements will include notifications, volumes and interruptions.

Improvements for Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop brought a variety of ways to tone down notifications, including lock screen notifications and heads-up notifications. Google also claimed it refined ways for users to manage unwelcome interruptions from many sources. The search giant is also offering other developer sessions, including one that enables developers to create improved apps that don’t drain the battery. Many Android users complain about how a lot of apps drain the energy out of the battery, and Google hopes to change all of that.

Google could also share its plans for the satellite company it acquired for $500 million in 2014. They may use Skybox to keep Google Maps updated.

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